The Biggest Choice

Most Muscular Magazine – June – July 2017

This issue is jammed packed with amazing athletes for all you hard-core bodybuilding Most Muscular fans out there. Starting out with this month’s cover feature, Hungry Like the Wolf, with Dennis Wolf’s comeback to the stage. Not only do we have a feature about Dennis this month, but make sure to check out his monthly column where he delves into his childhood and where he came from. Also featuring Brandon Curry and Essa Obaid in Partners in Gainz. See the advantages of having a training partner and take in how these pros train their arms. You can feel their pump through the pages. Next up we feature actor, pro bodybuilder, and trainer Vladimir Sizov, Superset for Superman. Watch how this all around athlete trains. Post victory update with Brandon Curry’s monthly column. Follow the progress of ‘Lil Monstar’ Dani Reardon with her prep to the O. Check out Part 2 Hall of Famer Bill Kazmaier’s Measure of a Man. And last but not least, 3x Ms. Olympia Bikini and 1st Place Arnold Classic Champion Ashley Kaltwasser. Most Muscular is proud to announce who just joined the MM Hit Squad as a monthly contributor, Dr. John Zielonka. He is a world-renowned award winning sports and wellness chiropractor and author. And finally in the Bodybuilder’s Kitchen this month; Feed the Beast, Build Muscle Without The Fat.

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